Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Intriguing and Unique Insects

Here are some of the most intriguing and peculiar-looking insects in the world.

Faded Eighty-eight (Diaethria astalaNavy Eighty-eight 2.jpg)

Image Source Navy Eighty-eight 2.jpg

The captivating but intriguing Faded Eighty-eight Butterfly is another butterfly species with number markings on its wings. It is also commonly known as Navy Eighty-eight. This particular photo was taken at La Soledad, Oaxaca in Mexico.

Bee Robber (Acherontia lachesis)

This large moth with a wingspan of up to 13 cm can be found in the Philippines, Japan, and India and in many parts of the Oriental region. This nocturnal Death’s-head Hawk-Moth species is very fond of honey. It has the ability to mimic the scent of honey bees that it can go inside a hive unharmed to get honey. It has a stout and powerful tongue capable of piercing the wax cells and sucking the honey out.

Anna's Eighty-eight (Diaethria anna)

Another butterfly species with markings of the number “88” is the Anna's Eighty-eight. Diaethria annas species is different from Diaethria clymena or 88 Butterfly.

Cryptic Mantis (Sibylla pretiosa)

Cryptic Mantis is a unique mantis species that can be found in southern Africa. It was so named because of its ability to grow asymmetrically to match the vegetation of its environment. It has a unique leaf-like projection on the joint of its four walking legs. In captivity, it has a lifespan of 9 months.

88 Butterfly (Diaethria clymena)

If there is an 89’98 Butterfly there is also an 88 Butterfly which is scientifically named Diaethria clymena. This small but intriguing butterfly species makes people wonder how it obtained such number figures that seems to be artificially printed on its wings.

Dead Leaf Mantis

Dead Leaf Mantises are species of praying mantis that mimic dead leaves. They are very popular as exotic pets. Some of the most popular species are the Philippine Dead Leaf Mantis, Giant Dead Leaf Mantis and Malaysian Dead leaf Mantis.

89’98 Butterfly (Diaethria phlogea)

The insect is a unique and intriguing butterfly. The Diaethria phlogea is a species of butterfly that is not so colorful but is intriguing for having the numbers 89 and 98 on its wings. This unique butterfly can be found in Colombia.

Conehed Mantis (Empusa pennata)

Another unique-looking species of praying mantis is the Conehead Mantis. In Spanish, this creature is known as Mantis Palo. It can be found in Europe, specifically in France, Portugal and Spain.

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